Question: How Much Is A Taxi From Colombo Airport To Kandy?

Which Sim is best in Sri Lanka?

There’s no shortage of cell companies in Sri Lanka, including Dialog, Mobitel, Airtel, and Hutch.

Dialog and Mobitel have the largest networks and subscriber bases and are generally the best option for most travelers..

How much are taxis in Sri Lanka?

Taxi Fare Calculator in ColomboDistance milesEstimated Price *3301.40 Rs4381.87 Rs5462.34 Rs6542.80 Rs10 more rows

How do I get from Colombo airport to city Centre?

The Colombo Express bus runs frequently along the high ways connecting the Colombo International Airport and the city. The travel time is approximately one hour and there are buses for every half an hour. The tickets can be bought from the bus conductor, but using the local Srilankan currency (LKR).

Is Colombo safe at night?

Colombo is a very safe city by international standards. Violence towards foreigners is uncommon, although you should take the usual safeguards. Solo women should be careful when taking taxis and three-wheelers at night; if, as sometimes happens, your taxi turns up with two men inside, call another.

What is the best month to visit Sri Lanka?

Generally, the best time to visit the west and south coasts as well as the Cultural Triangle is between December and April, while on the east coast the climate is at its finest from May through to October.

What is special in Kandy?

Top Attractions in KandyTemple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. 11,924 reviews. … Udawattekele Sanctuary. 427 reviews. … Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue. 1,145 reviews. … Kandy View Point. 912 reviews. … Kandy Garrison Cemetery. 556 reviews. … Lankatilaka Temple. 265 reviews. … Ceylon Tea Museum. 606 reviews. … Kandy Lake. 3,896 reviews.More items…

How do I get from Colombo airport to Kandy?

There are free shuttle buses from the Colombo International Airport to Katunayake bus stand or you can pick up atuk tukto get dropped at the bus stand and the will be 100 LKR approx . 60 USD and would take 20 minutes to reach.

Is there Uber in Colombo?

Uber is not so popular here. It only operates in Colombo city and only up to airport. … Now even has an app that you can use to order cabs like Uber.

Is Kandy worth visiting?

Kandy, Sri Lanka’s second largest city, is one of the most popular spots to visit when backpacking through Sri Lanka. Backpackers often stop here on their way towards the hill country areas of Nuwara Eliya and Ella. If you’ve got 2 or three days to spare, then a stop to Kandy is worth it.

How many hours Colombo to Kandy?

3 hoursIt takes around 3 hours 15 mins to get from Colombo to Kandy although this is highly dependent on traffic.

What should I avoid in Sri Lanka?

13 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Sri Lanka, EverDon’t disrespect religion. … Don’t turn your back on a Buddha statue. … Don’t compare Sri Lanka to India. … Don’t get carried away in public. … Don’t take snaps without asking first. … Don’t try to check into a hotel with no beds. … Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. … Don’t drink the tap water.More items…•

How much is a taxi from Colombo to the airport?

On average, a journey to Bandaranaike Airport by taxi costs $19-22 (3,000 – 3,500 LKR) including highway toll charges. Its duration depends on the traffic and is usually about an hour. Taxi drivers often offer fixed prices or say they have no taximeter.

Are taxis expensive in Sri Lanka?

All sizable towns and cities in Sri Lanka have taxis. A few of them are metered taxis (mostly in the capital Colombo), but over longer distances, you have to negotiate on a price. Most taxi rides cost around Rs60-100 = USD0,5 per km. Most hotels can arrange for a taxi for you, usually at good prices.

How far is Colombo to Kandy?

116.62 kmColombo is located in Sri Lanka with (6.9319,79.8478) coordinates and Kandy is located in Sri Lanka with (7.2955,80.6356) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Colombo to Kandy is equal to 60 miles which is equal to 96 km. If you want to go by car, the driving distance between Colombo and Kandy is 116.62 km.

Does Uber work in Sri Lanka?

A few days back, Uber announced that its Intercity service would now be available for all cities in Sri Lanka. So you can now take an Uber to Ella, Riverston, or the Great Western. However, Uber isn’t the first ride-hailing app to offer trips out of Colombo.