Question: How Much Is A Vodka And Coke In Poland?

How much is a drink in Krakow?

So let’s get down to business.

The average price of a beer in the market square is around 7 zł or 1.70 €, this is about 30% of the cost of a beer in London which averages at about 5.00 €.

Check out this handy chart, Krakow scores as one of the cheapest cities in the world in which to buy a beer in..

What do they eat for breakfast in Poland?

Polish breakfasts are similar to their Western counterparts and may include chleb z masłem (bread and butter), ser (cheese), szynka (ham), jajka (eggs) and herbata (tea) or kawa (coffee).

Is it customary to tip in Poland?

Tipping in Poland isn’t obligatory, but it is a considerate way to show appreciation for those who work so hard in the service industry. Try to always tip in cash to ensure the money goes directly to whom you intended. … Though tipping might not obligatory, it is customary to tip for great service.

How much does a drink cost in Poland?

COUNTRYAverage Pint Price ( in Euro)Average Pint Price ( in Pound)Poland€1.47£1.25Wales€2.90£2.50Slovenia€1.99£1.69Austria€3.2£2.7132 more rows

How much money do you need for 4 days in Krakow?

You should plan to spend around zł272 ($73) per day on your vacation in Krakow, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, zł35 ($9.47) on meals for one day and zł21 ($5.72) on local transportation.

Is food and drink cheap in Poland?

It really depends on what you eat and drink. Polish food in traditional restaurants is very cheap. Steakhouse are more expensive, but still cheaper than UK.

How much is a vodka in Poland?

Cheapest Polish Beers and VodkasWine NameGrapeAvg PriceSobieski Vodka, PolandVodka$10Lvov Vodka, PolandVodka$10Zubrowka Zlota Vodka, PolandVodka$10Iganoff Vodka, PolandVodka$1021 more rows

How far is Auschwitz from Krakow?

about 66 kmThe distance from Krakow to Auschwitz is about 66 km and there are four main ways to get there. You can book a tour, hire a private taxi, use the public bus or visit by public train.

What should I wear in Poland?

What to Wear in PolandJeans teamed with lighter layers for the summer – try camisoles, t-shirts and light knitwear – and warmer ones for the winter e.g. long-sleeved tops and a sweater, will serve as a versatile base to your wardrobe.Add in a smarter outfit such as a smart dress or pants and shirt for more formal occasions.More items…

Why is Poland so poor?

Poland is not a poor country by any means, but the region has historically possessed little wealth due to occupation, wartime and political mistreatment. As such, alleviation of poverty in Poland has been a focal point of recent Polish governments.

Is Krakow safe at night?

Krakow is generally a safe city if yku behave with normal precaution. In term of area, i will only recommend you to avoid Nowa Huta by night. The city center and kazimierz are safe by night. … I’ve always felt safe in krakow just take the precautions you would when visiting any city.

What currency does Poland use?

Polish złotyPoland/Currencies

Are clothes cheap in Poland?

Clothes are cheaper in Poland, because they are inferior quality.

Is Poland dangerous for tourists?

Poland is a safe country to travel to. It is getting more and more visitors each year, and its tourism has generally increased especially after joining the European Union in 2004. However, petty crime has also increased with the influx of tourists. … Apart from pickpockets, you can easily get scammed in Poland.

How much is a coke in Poland?

Cost of Living in PolandRestaurants[ Edit ]Domestic Beer (1 pint draught)8.00 złImported Beer (12 oz small bottle)8.00 złCappuccino (regular)8.83 złCoke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle)4.23 zł61 more rows

Is alcohol cheap in Poland?

Booze is certainly cheaper in Poland than in the UK – that’s not hard – but I wouldn’t say they were giving it away. A 500ml beer generally cost around 12 zloty (3 euro/$4.75 AUD), although you can find it cheaper away from the hotspots. Vodka is pretty affordable, and freaking delicious!

Is Poland cheap to visit?

Poland remains a more affordable travel destination than many European countries, but even so, prices have been on the rise in recent years. If you’re hoping to keep your costs down it is best to travel outside of the peak season, find discount hotel rates, and cater your own meals whenever possible.

What is the best currency to take to Poland?

Polish ZlotyRe: Which currency do they use? It is the Polish Zloty. No need to take Euros,you can just bring pounds and exchange them in Kraków (exchange rates will most likely be more favourable than in the UK) or simply use ATMs to withdraw cash.