Question: What Caliber Is 7.62 X39 Equal To?

Is 7.62 x39 a good round?

It is an AR that takes AK magazines and works very well.

Hornady makes a great 7.62×39 cartridge loaded with its SST bullets, and these make a pretty decent hunting round.

Ballistically, it’s kind of like a lightweight, underpowered .

30–30 from the mid 20th century..

Can a 7.62 x39 kill a bear?

Most people do not realize that bears (as big as they are) are actually faster than humans. It is not practical to try and outrun a bear. That said, an AK 47 and some 7.62 can definitely take out a bear if aim is good and proficiency with the weapon is high.

Is .308 and 7.62 the same?

Although not identical, the 7.62×51mm NATO and the commercial .308 Winchester cartridges are similar enough that they can be loaded into rifles chambered for the other round, but the Winchester .308 cartridges are typically loaded to higher pressures than 7.62×51mm NATO service cartridges.

Can I shoot 7.62 x39 in my 308?

No, you cannot shoot 7.62x39mm in a . 308 (7.62x51mm) rifle.

Is the 7.62 x39 a 30 caliber?

The 7.62x51mm is a . 30 caliber round called the . 308 by civilians.

Does Russia still use 7.62 x39?

The standard service rifle cartridge for the Russian Armed Forces is the 5.45x39mm round, adopted in 1974 based upon analysis of the US experience in Vietnam. … AKMs are still used by Airborne, Spetsnaz, Recon, and the new SSO units because they like the 7.62x39mm round’s hard-hitting power at close ranges.

Is 7.62 x39 good for hunting?

7.62×39 Hunting Ammo Choices Both Winchester and Federal (Fusion) make 123 grain soft point ammo for hunting, and many people report good results with these. Corbon loads the all-copper 123 grain DPX bullet in a 7.62×39 load that is also reported to perform well on deer-sized game.

Is .308 better than 7.62 x39?

It is a more powerful round than the 7.62×39 and will not chamber in a 7.62×39 chamber. … 308 Winchester is very similar to the 7.62×51 NATO cartridge, but is loaded to higher pressures. If you are asking about the bullet in a 7.62×39, then yes, it’s actually . 312 in diameter.

Is 5.56 better than 7.62 x39?

While the 7.62x39mm uses a much heavier bullet that has a higher ballistic coefficient than two of the three 5.56mm loads, the higher velocity 5.56x45mm bullets still have a noticeable advantage over the lower velocity 7.62x39mm in terms of wind drift.

What does the 7.62 x39 mean?

7.62×39 refers to the cartridge of the Soviet assault rifle. In this 7.62 refers to calibre and 39 refers to the case size. The other is NATO standard in which the case size is 51 mm. Because of this, the ballistics is also different.

What caliber is a 7.62 x39?

7.62×39mmProduced1944–presentSpecificationsCase typeRimless, bottleneckBullet diameter7.85-7.9 mm (0.309-0.311″) SAAMI 7.92 mm (0.312″) CIP27 more rows

Is 7.62 x39 the same as 300 blackout?

Ballistically, the 7.62×39 and 300 Blackout are very similar when using similar loadings. The benefit that 300 BLK has over 7.62×39 is in the realm of flexibility, with more bullet offerings to choose from including subsonic rounds. Each round is roughly comparable to common loadings of .

Why is 7.62 x39 so cheap?

7.62×39 ammo is generally produced somewhere overseas using lower quality and cheaper components such as steel over brass and copper. This means that 7.62×39 ammo is “effectively” cheaper than .

Does the US military use 7.62 x39?

Military forces from the U.S. and other NATO countries still use the 7.62 NATO, although it is primarily used for mounted-machine-gun and sniper-rifle purposes. In most cartridges, you will find the 7.62 NATO with bullets at roughly 145 to 175 grains. Side note: 7.62x51mm is NOT the . 308 Winchester, but it’s close.

How far can you shoot a 7.62 x39?

7.62×39 does not have very good long range performance. It has a heavy bullet without enough powder and drops out of the sky like a wet rag. It’s most effective within 200 yards and beyond that rapidly loses effectiveness, with a maximum effective range of 400 yards.